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    About Kristin Lauer

    I became a counselor in a roundabout way, that in hindsight, all makes perfect sense. I was the eldest daughter in a large family and a caregiver by nature. During my undergrad, it was my psychology and sociology courses that I enjoyed the most. So much so, that I ended up with 2 unintentional potential minors due to so many electives. I graduated with a bachelor’s of applied health science in human development and family studies, minoring in psychology. After college, I married a member of the military and moved across the country.
    Life during that time was filled with loss. I lost my mother suddenly and many friends in combat or training for combat. I also became a mother, my proudest and most difficult ongoing accomplishment. Throughout those difficult years of raising young children with a spouse often serving overseas, counseling was something that I saw help many friends going through hardship. Eventually, I experienced for myself how life-changing a compassionate and knowledgeable counselor can be. As you can see, I never ask my clients to be more vulnerable than I have been willing to be.
    After a time, I decided to challenge myself by enrolling in 2 prerequisite counseling courses and fell in love with the profession. I went on to receive my master’s of science in clinical mental health counseling. I have worked within agencies, juvenile detention, a group practice, and now private practice.
    When not working, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family; skiing, hiking, biking, and one-wheeling. You can often find me out in front of the house with my husband and children, skateboarding up and down the block. I love to read, see live music, and travel whenever I get the opportunity. I adore people and am endlessly fascinated by stories of perseverance and overcoming obstacles. I feel honored to be invited into the inner lives of my clients. I feel privileged to witness all the ways our human resiliency, adaptation, growth, acceptance, and forgiveness play out in both ordinary and extraordinary ways.

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    My Values


    Confidentiality is an incredibly important component of what makes counseling effective, ethical, and legal. I am bound by a code of ethics, my own commitment to the profession, and a legal responsibility to keep what we discuss private.  Except for a few extenuating circumstances, involving duty to warn or mandatory reporting in cases of suspected abuse, what we discuss in my office will stay in my office. I will cover the limits to confidentiality more in depth upon our first appointment.  


    It is my commitment to my clients that I continue to stay informed and educated about the latest research and modalities. I tailor my interventions and techniques based on my client's needs. Often, I utilize an eclectic combination of CBT, DBT, and Person-Centered therapy. In addition, I am an EMDR trained therapist and stay abreast of the latest research and techniques. Counseling is an ever changing and growing field, and I enjoy the creativity required to meet each client where they are.


    As Fred Rogers said "anything that is human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable is more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary." I meet each and every client where they are, creating a safe and compassionate space.


    Acceptance is an integral part of our nature as human beings. We are social creatures, who have a deep need for belonging. Sometimes, we are wounded in relationships. What is often overlooked is that we also heal in relationship with one another. I believe that a good therapeutic relationship with a trusted counselor can help heal even the oldest of wounds.

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